Minnetonka Resort - Thunderbird Gift Center


Whether you’re looking for that perfect Copper Harbor keepsake, a sweatshirt to bundle up in front of the campfire or a book to learn about the history of the area, we’ve got you covered! Thunderbird Gift Center features a large selection of copper and gem jewelry by local artists. We feature the largest selection of Isle Royale Greenstone Jewelry, our Michigan state Gem, beautiful Larimar and local gems and minerals. Handcrafted copper artwork, quality clothing, moccasins and sandals, pocket & hunting knives, children’s toys and a complete local history book section. Dig a little deeper and you'll find selected antiques, coins, & old bottles from the area. We also have daily metal detector rentals available. $25/half day, $40/full day. Inquire at the Minnetonka Resort Office.


Beautiful Larimar


Copper and gem jewerly


Minnetonka Moccasins and sandals


Antiques, coins, & old bottles


Soaps and lotions


Quality clothing


Pocket & hunting knives


Bone feather jewelry


Notecards and prints from local artists


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